About Us

Boardriderstickers.com is a small family run business, with the sole aim of bringing great designed stickers/decals to one place for everyone. We are always searching for new designs and the great old skool names, with the view of bringing them to you.

We've been selling genuine designs direct from the mainstream and niche names in surf, skateboard and snowboarding brands since mid 2007! With customers in every corner of the globe. All of our stickers are genuine, we do not print, copy or re-produce any stickers ourselves - Why have a fakie, when the original lasts longer and looks better - cheap single colour vinyl is just that - cheap! With over 800 different designs available, the choice is vast!
We also believe customer service is key, as that’s why we’re here, because without you, we wouldn’t be! So our main aim is to maintain a high level of service to you and we value your business with us. It is important to us, that as our customer, you are happy with the stickers you buy and want to return.
I have always plastered my old V'dub’s in stickers and found it hard to find in one place, so I figured I would try to make available a wide range of quality stickers/decals at a good price, anyone can charge huge amounts of money for a sticker and make a quick buck! But why do it? It’s not what the sports are about and it’s not what we’re about!!
All the best and happy boarding
Mark R